My first recording

So after a little kick up the arse in terms on motivation I decided to record a really raw, scrappy version of a song that I love – Christmas TV by Slow Club The sound quality is crappy, but I like that I just recorded one take and posted it. No over thinking or picking my missed notes or dodgy transitions, just as it was. I like it that way. The quality is awful, and I know it’s far from flawless. Sorry not sorry.

I’d absolutely love any and all feedback, even if you’re just saying that it’s nowhere near as good as the original and that I should never do anything else. I really don’t care, I’m happy with it and I’m happy to share it. I love this song so I decided to pick up my guitar and just blast this out, no excuses.

Please give me some feedback. If you have a listen just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought and what you think I can work on. If you want to hear a song or any of my original stuff I’m sure that you can motivate me a lot towards recording more tracks. Whether they’re covers or original tracks.

7 thoughts on “My first recording

    • Haha nope! I absolutely wish i’d written this, it’s beautiful huh. It’s by Slow Club. I’ll keep working on it, though the quality is bad. I’ll record a track or two of my own at some point 🙂 Not as well written as that though! x

    • Thank you! I’m actually Cumbrian (north-west England), so I have quite a thick northern accent. Though I don’t think it comes through so much if at all when I sing most things, maybe with some pronunciation 🙂
      I am, though it’s only really simple chords. I’m not the best when it comes to guitar. You’ve made my day all the way from the states, thanks!

      • Smiles, yes I am from Ohio 🙂 and I could tell you had some little accent, I loved it with the singing it made a great mix and you played very well for only knowing those simple chords~ Looking forward to more singing :))

      • Aw, can we swap accents please?! 🙂 Thanks for being so nice about it! I’m actually grabbing a good recording microphone this week, so maybe Friday I’ll post something that’s a little better sound quality 🙂 thanks again for the encouragement x

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