Chuck is one of my favourite ever tv shows, I could rewatch it multiple times. I’ve seen the whole lot twice. It’s not just because I want to steal Yvonne Strahovski away for myself either, but I definitely would. I’ve genuinely cried at times watching it, yeah I’m manly as fuck. It doesn’t really bother me to admit that to you, internet.

If you haven’t seen Chuck, just take my word for it and watch it. It has everything. Action, romance, drama, comedy. Totally mixed bag of awesome.

I realised when rewatching some scenes that there are so many songs used on Chuck that just bring out the perfect emotions and fit so well. Whoever was in charge of the music was brilliant.

Bon Iver – Creature Fear

This makes me want to run away and share this sort of intimate moment waking up holding that special someone. I just love this scene, I love this song too for similar reasons.

If you don’t want major spoilers and intend to watch it, don’t watch the next video!

The final scene of the show. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking. I genuinely got emotional watching it again, wow. I’m really in a weird mood tonight. I’m just such a hopeless romantic, stuff like this totally hits home I guess. They want the little cottage with the picket fence and just…ugh. Yeah. I relate in a lot of ways to the fictional relationship, how weird.

The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads