So it’s my birthday today

Hi friends, today i’m 22. It makes me feel really old being past the point of 21, even though it means very little in reality.

It makes me think that when I was 14 or 15 I wondered where I would be at this point. It’s safe to say I’ve accomplished very little in that period of time, but as a person I’ve grown into a well rounded, mature man. That in itself is something to be hugely proud of, and health permitting I’ll be on this bizarre world long enough to accomplish as many goals as I set for myself, both short term and long term.

My awesome younger brother literally gave me his bank card and told me to buy what I wanted. I bought myself a decent quality snowball usb microphone, as well as a cheeky pop filter for it too. It doesn’t fit my super limited setup right now, but I’m hoping to be able to get my computer up and fixed soon enough.

So in a week or so I’m planning to keep pursuing my hobby of recording songs and working on my voice, as well as my own tracks. A little multi-track recording and harmonizing maybe? As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited by that. The longer term goal of the microphone idea is to use it to vlog and record skype conversations during League of Legends games and add to my current blogging expedition of content. It’ll be a total learning curve with recording, editing and so on. But it’s something that I want to accomplish, and I’m going to. It’ll lead me somewhere, regardless of the crazy path my life could take one way or another.

Here’s to another year, may the odds forever be in your favour. May I grow older, maybe grow better facial hair this year and find the happiness that I’m still seeking in my 22nd year on this daft Earth.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy sunday, I’ve played pokemon, watched football, played a few games. Literally nothing going on, so far from productive.

I guess I feel a little better to see my next article over on Team Dignitas go live (I’ve been waiting well over a week for it to actually be posted). So I’m looking forward to seeing how that’s received. My trial with them should be over too, though the content manager that I chat to about the whole thing hasn’t mentioned a thing. Quite frustrating for me, I got more hits and likes on a single article than I’ve ever seen on one of their posts yet I’m still on a trial period as a guest writer.

Ah well, if they keep avoiding that topic I’ll find someone else to write for and find the valuable exposure that I want. I’ve done myself no harm getting myself out there and having articles shared to around 50k twitter followers and 45k facebook viewers. I shouldn’t complain, this is totally a good thing. It’s a really nice outlet too.

It’s nice to have something that I can put my pride and hard work into, right now it’s the only thing solid that I can show people when they ask about me gaming and I can say: this is what I do, and it’s a lot bigger than you realise.


This is actually a positive more upbeat article for once!

So I finally had my second article go live for Team Dignitas that I’ve previously mentioned. I worked on this one a lot, I researched, I tested, I theorycrafted, I discussed with friends. I put a lot of time into it and was really proud of what I had done. Granted, compared to any champion guides that some people have made, it was pretty primitive. But I’m learning, I was hoping for good feedback at least. If nothing else.

I was totally blown away by the reception, even if it feels small scale. The content manager of the site actually messaged me on skype saying:

woah, just posted your blog on fb/twitter. Got triple the response we usually get! Seems like the fans rly like the title. 

And later on: Our fans love the guide, write more. 

It’s really gratifying to have someone appreciate you like that. I’ve checked the Facebook page and my post is still being liked and commented on, It was around 50 likes last time I saw. The only thing near that in popularity is a giveaway. I must have done something right. Shame that’s my most innovative idea for over a year, you can’t really pull viable strategies out constantly.

I feel really great about it. I’m still only on trial (for now) writing for these guys, and obviously it’s unpaid. But it’s so rewarding and I’m enjoying the experience, as well as constantly learning. More of this will be good for me, and especially for my confidence in doing what I love.