Lazy Sunday

Lazy sunday, I’ve played pokemon, watched football, played a few games. Literally nothing going on, so far from productive.

I guess I feel a little better to see my next article over on Team Dignitas go live (I’ve been waiting well over a week for it to actually be posted). So I’m looking forward to seeing how that’s received. My trial with them should be over too, though the content manager that I chat to about the whole thing hasn’t mentioned a thing. Quite frustrating for me, I got more hits and likes on a single article than I’ve ever seen on one of their posts yet I’m still on a trial period as a guest writer.

Ah well, if they keep avoiding that topic I’ll find someone else to write for and find the valuable exposure that I want. I’ve done myself no harm getting myself out there and having articles shared to around 50k twitter followers and 45k facebook viewers. I shouldn’t complain, this is totally a good thing. It’s a really nice outlet too.

It’s nice to have something that I can put my pride and hard work into, right now it’s the only thing solid that I can show people when they ask about me gaming and I can say: this is what I do, and it’s a lot bigger than you realise.


I normally game quite a lot, it’s kinda my outlet and I put a lot of time into it. I really enjoy it, I’d love nothing more than to have a job within E-Sports. I write frequent blogs about League of Legends over for Team Dignitas. (My second blog post has been approved and will go live any day now, I’m really excited about it)

The last week I’ve probably not spent over an hour playing games, I’ve watched a few professional games (I do my homework for blog posts and ideas, I like to stay upto date. Yeah I’m nerdy and passionate about it). I’ve been quite focused on finding a job, pretty much any job I suppose. Just my first little stepping stone of my life. I’m really distracted though. Relationship stuff will always take my focus even if there’s just a tiny shine of something in the vast dark night sky of my thoughts.

People that I spent my last three years with are graduating. I’m taking this as my hint to leave social media alone to avoid depression from taking over. I’m more disappointed at myself for how I didn’t graduate. Yet I’m proud of myself for taking things into my own hands and getting out of a miserable, dark place that I had gotten myself into.

The main reason that I’m sad about my position right now is because I’ve left everyone except my family that has been such a huge part of my life over the last three years. I’ll be visiting as much as I physically can, but if I’m working then it’ll only be odd weekends. That’s heartbreaking for me.

When I get to visit my old friends, I’m going to be so torn. There’ll be so much that I miss, so much to catch up on. Not enough time. More importantly, there’s one girl that I want to steal away for myself. It’s actually only her attention that I want. I hate myself for making a huge decision to seek happiness elsewhere. I take it back, I hate the timing of things and what could have been. If things are meant to work, it won’t be easy. I’ve never been in the position of a long distance relationship. Totally scary, but I’ll do anything, ANYTHING for this girl. I’d be blogging about anything else that’s on my mind if there was anything else in my mind to share.

I just can’t wait to see her when I get off of the coach or train and see her beautiful face waiting to see me. I just can’t wait for that moment. From there, lets just see how things go.