So I mentioned in my last blog that I’d met a lovely American girl, and we video called yesterday for the first time. It was really nice, we get along great. I don’t even know how long we spent talking to one another, maybe three+ hours? I don’t even know, I lost track. I was just having a great time chatting. Sharing stories, comparing slang that we use. Finding certain words particularly cute.I realised I have this ability to make her blush from making the smallest of compliments. It’s adorable and I could talk for days like this. Wow. This is weird huh?

I realised the whole time we were talking that I was just constantly smiling. It’s a really strange situation to be in. To find someone that I find attractive in so many ways that I haven’t physically met. She’s beautiful, she has an infectious smile and laugh. She’s witty, gets my humour. It’s kinda difficult. The time zone doesn’t actually make much of a difference for talking, we’ve been talking tons.

It’s a feeling that I’ve missed for a long time that I’ve managed to stumble upon in a place and time that I didn’t expect for a second. I mean, right now I’m in no place for a relationship with anyone frankly. Last time I spoke to Emily I felt fairly sure of that I guess, for one reason or another. I mean, I can’t deal with many more hits right now. I’m still struggling with a lot of things, but I’d like to hold onto the feeling that I have right now.

It’s a great feeling to wake up to sweet little notes complimenting me, it’s nice to have someone in my life that came out of nowhere that’s capable to make my day before my day has even technically started. I love that.

Look, I know that it’s a pretty big ocean between the two of us. Nobody knows what the future holds, for good or bad. Why not enjoy something for what it is right now without a thought of the future for once? It’s something I don’t do enough, and it’s rewarding.