I don’t mean to brag, but..

So I’m still unemployed, oh the joys. The last week I’ve made the same constant effort daily applying to places. No luck at all. Ugh. I actually was made to apply for unpaid work experience that’d look good on my CV. I figured it was better than nothing and went ahead with it. I got turned down for that too, oh the embarrassment. My poor ego was fairly dented.

So I had my fortnightly sign in just a little earlier, tell people how I’m doing and so on. Generally I’m well presented, feeling good about myself, chatting away with my adviser, she’s lovely and we get along fine. I like to think I brighten up her shitty Fridays. I wasn’t my old self, I look and feel like shit. Winter seems to do this to me ever since I got ill, I just feel flat I guess. I was just in tons of layers, lost my glasses?! funny (14244) Animated Gif on Giphy

Yes like Velma, funny internet. Funny. But I was running late, so I just decided to be blind.

So I put my earphones in on my way back home, maybe a 20 minute walk. I put some Watsky on and decided he’s right. “You’re a lost dog, I’m a boss hog” and listened to some of his awesome old tracks and one of his spoken word pieces “I don’t mean to brag, but..”. Put a massive smile on my face and went about my more usual walk home. Yeah I still feel shitty, but I made sure I smile at the very least. I even bought myself some peanut butter on the way home because I’m random like that. It’s totally my go-to comfort food. I might just get myself a spoon…

So I guess everyone can pick themselves up, I didn’t have an excuse to be in a bad mood other than just not feeling my best. Epiphany: I’m never at my best, I’m still working towards it. Better keep trying daily or I’m just slowing my own progress. Happy weekend internet.

Ranting is healthy

Just as a little warning, this is just me getting frustrations out. I love my family to bits, I can swear a lot, if it’ll bother you I’d suggest not reading on. Some people might find it quite amusing though, so anyway!

/Rant mode on: So since I moved back home, I forgot that my family is ignorant to technology. Even my younger brother that’s a mechanic will ask me how to do the simplest thing on his phone or laptop. I don’t mind it most of the time, but it really fucking grinds my gears.

Since I moved home the internet has been pretty ropey, speed is awful for what my parents pay for, connection is sketchy too. I’ve pretended to be my dad on the phone multiple times to the shitty company we get broadband from (Yeah it’s Sky), the one time having such a deep voice helps eh?

I’ve troubleshooted, changed tons of connections, configured allsorts. Every time the “broadband specialist” I speak to has the answer, hasn’t worked once yet. I’m sick and tired of this shit. I’m too nice to be arsey on the phone and threaten to leave and so on, I’d feel bad. So i’m polite and take the bullshit every time.

This time better have fixed the problem, or I’m going to hunt them down.

My biggest beef with the whole thing is the logic of my family:

We eat food every day, we’re not Jamie Oliver or Ainsley Harriot though.

I use a laptop or computer every day, why does this make me Steve Jobs.

Essentially, I’m the equivalent of Roy from the IT Crowd. /rant mode off

Thanks for that internet, much better.