Late night musings – A new album and rediscovering reading

I’ve just properly committed some time to listening to Feist properly for the first time. Some of her songs I’ve always known and enjoyed but I realise I don’t listen to many albums all the way through lately. It’s great, relaxing, well written, I’m enjoying it so far. Check it out if you haven’t, the first three tracks I love.

Feist – my music for the night

Let it die caught me off guard on this album, I didn’t expect that. I hate when I’m in this sort of weird place and I stumble across a song that just fits a mood. It hits me kinda hard. Music has that ability to just raise me to new highs and more importantly: to kick me when I’m down. Ah well, moving on.

The saddest part of a broken heart,

Isn’t the ending as much as the start

Anyway, totally go off on a tangent forever don’t i? Ugh, Callum. STAHP.

Reading – Rediscovery

I just finished reading the first book that I’ve read from start to finish today. It’s titled: “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” by Philip K Dick.

It was a great read, I actually read it because my older brother (that I have quite a disjointed relationship with lets say) gave me it, as close to a birthday gift that I’ve gotten from him in maybe 5 years or so. I read it while I was travelling and almost finished it on the tube in London. I’m getting used to travelling through London more, I’d normally just be freaking out making sure I didn’t miss my stop. I’m weird like that.

But reading this and finishing it in the space of a couple of days has made me realise that I miss reading. When I was growing up it was always this great escape and I loved to read. I read things way ahead of my age. As I got ill, I struggled with mind fog a lot. I couldn’t read like I used to and would have to take breaks, it made me feel stupid. I’d never felt like that, no matter what I knew I was a smart lad, as weird as that may sound. So to have that taken away from me sucked. I don’t struggle so much as long as I take breaks and stay in a quiet place while I’m concentrating. I still struggle a lot with mind fog on bad days, or if I haven’t slept very well.

But yeah, I’ve got so many things to read. I need more ideas if there are any book lovers that happen to see this. Any suggestions would be great. My dad has read and enjoyed a lot of Clive Barker and gave me a book of is, apparently a character reminds him of me. I still have the Silmarillion that I intended to read a long time ago but it has sat here.

I’m going to join the local library and spend a little time just out of this house in the next few weeks. Whether it’s in a coffee shop or otherwise with a book. I think that’ll be a nice brief escape. I want to find The Clan of the Cave Bear too, I promised that I’d read that. I’m really interested in a book that somebody else has found to be so influential. Maybe I can relate one way or another.