It just dawned on me that being “out of education” doesn’t mean that I have to stop learning. Which will probably make me sound like an idiot, but hopefully some people will get what I mean. I stumbled upon the¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology website and was pretty surprised to find that courses are all available and applicable online.

I want to work in IT. I know I’ll enjoy it, stepping stones are there for a reason, to work your way up. Some jobs give you more freedom to work where you want to, or work in an environment that fits I guess. I’m still fumbling around in the dark for answers like a lot of people. Maybe I just realised it a little quicker than some.

So I’ve decided I’m going to commit at least 2 hours a day to use the tools at my disposal and learn some basic computer programming for a start. To some it probably sounds boring and nerdy. I just think it’s actually pretty useful and regardless of if I end up using this knowledge for anything beyond personal use, no harm done at all.

I just want to keep learning I guess. In every sense.