Late night thoughts and a fitting song #2

It’s strange to return to a song so soon after you found personal meaning with it and to find that meaning is completely warped or altered. I still don’t know how to feel about this any more. But the chorus still fits for me, one way or another.

Time together is just never quite enough
When you and I are alone, I’ve never felt so at home
What will it take to make or break this hint of love?
We need time, only time
When were apart whatever are you thinking of?
If this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone?
So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?
All the time, all the time

Owl City has been my soundtrack over summer, so many feelings and emotions linked to songs. Particularly emotions and thoughts of you. Right now this just fills me with a heavy feeling in my chest. I almost feel regretful and to blame for how things went, wishing that I was less selfish and more able to read the situation for what it was. I’m sorry for that, I really am. I’m so scared by the thought that some damage isn’t able to be repaired. More worried by you saying: You make me happy and you make me feel loved, I’m just not sure if it’s in the right way…

Late night thoughts are the worst.

As Kurt Cobain put it so bluntly: Less is more, love is blind.