Some days are hard

It can take only a little thing to ruin my day sometimes, I can run from shadows as long as I like, but it’s dark once a day. Overwhelming darkness enveloping me is just so unavoidable. Some days this feeling is just in the back of my mind, even smiles are attainable. Days like today I verge on breaking into tears if someone just looks at me the wrong way.

My life feels so fragile, and yet so worthless at the same time. I want these feelings to go, I want to get away from these feelings. I’m carrying this stupid, needless weight with me daily and not trying to offload it at all. I can give people advice all day, but dealing with my own problems is too hard.

So for now until I work out the answer to the questions I have in my life, I’ll have to stay with this darkness over me.

Days like this just make me wonder why I’m here, I need to find my own reason. All that I’m aware of now is how painfully lost I am right now.