Late night headfuck

I can’t sleep lately, my head is full of thoughts bouncing around in my head. I wish it wasn’t the brighter thoughts trying not to be overwhelmed by the darkness, but it is. Sometimes they lose that constant fight and the dark thoughts flood out.

I miss you. I’m lonely. I want to hold you. I want to feel like someone needs me again. I want to know if you even think about me now. Have you moved on? Did you really love me? Do you even have any idea of the damage you’ve done to me? I gave you so much, I made myself truly vulnerable.

The floodgates are open, what upsets me the most is that you have no idea. You didn’t at the time.

I gave too much of myself to you and you didn’t give me anything back. I just feel empty. I shouldn’t any more. I didn’t when I broke up with you. Where did these feelings even come from?

I’m stuck to carry these painful feelings with me like scars. Though at least a scar is proof that something has healed.

Step one. I’m reclaiming this song, lets not waste it. How can it have been “our” song, if you didn’t even tell him about us?