So after my interview thursday at a local primary school for an administration job, I was called the day after asking to come in for a meeting with the business manager. I was pretty chuffed, I’d shown my interest in two of their available posts. I was the first person of several that interviewed for the same job, and clearly it did go as well as I thought. I’m starting next Monday, I’m pretty relieved to have found something. Having nothing to do here while unemployed is pretty frustrating and lonely as well.

This’ll actually be my first full time job, I’ve either been ill or in education upto this point. I hope that I can cope with the hours, to be honest, I don’t think there’ll be very often I’m rushed off my feet after meeting everyone in the office that I’ll work in. I think I might actually be the only guy that will work in the office. Good job they already all really like me haha (Two of the women I’ll be working with interviewed me)

I’m really looking forward to it. It pays really badly because it’s only an apprenticeship, but I pick up the relevant qualifications. So in the long term it’s worthwhile, even if I don’t find use for the administration qualification. No experience is bad experience I figure. It seems like a really nice environment to be in.

She did warn me of the importance of how we come across to parents, that they’ll be shouting at me and I just have to take it. I had a thought in my head of just straight telling an annoying parent to fuck off. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t do that. Better not..


It just dawned on me that being “out of education” doesn’t mean that I have to stop learning. Which will probably make me sound like an idiot, but hopefully some people will get what I mean. I stumbled upon the¬†Massachusetts Institute of Technology website and was pretty surprised to find that courses are all available and applicable online.

I want to work in IT. I know I’ll enjoy it, stepping stones are there for a reason, to work your way up. Some jobs give you more freedom to work where you want to, or work in an environment that fits I guess. I’m still fumbling around in the dark for answers like a lot of people. Maybe I just realised it a little quicker than some.

So I’ve decided I’m going to commit at least 2 hours a day to use the tools at my disposal and learn some basic computer programming for a start. To some it probably sounds boring and nerdy. I just think it’s actually pretty useful and regardless of if I end up using this knowledge for anything beyond personal use, no harm done at all.

I just want to keep learning I guess. In every sense.