So, I’m a liar

Yeah I suck at making committments like posting. But i’m back. I don’t even want to think about how long it has been. Where do I start? Ugh I sort of started fitting in with society and being boring. I got a job (that pays like shit don’t even me started on that rant), while currently inevitably searching for a better one and still working my arse off. I met this great girl and we ended up getting together, it has been uhm..I should know that right? Like two months. I don’t know, that sounds right. Probably isn’t. She’s great, but she did just move like 6 hours away a couple weeks ago. You know how to pick them eh Cal?

But that’s pretty much my updates in the smallest of nutshells. Today at work I heard a song called “Anyone else but you” by “The Moldy Peaches” and absolutely fell in love. Everyone reading that will be like: “It’s on Juno you fucking moron where have you been for the last 10 years?” and I have seen Juno, when I was like 13 or something. And since then it clearly evaded my full to the brim of crap brain. So I stumbled across it and had to sit down with a guitar and play a lonely solo version. One that wishes I had a cute girl to duet with and fall in love with. In my fuckin’ dreams.

I’ll go into more detail. But my biggest reason for coming back is to share a song that has made me genuinely happy. Really bloody happy. I’ll get into more detail about frustrations and (as ever) relationship failures of mine and all of that bullshit that people actually seem to like reading. It does probably make any of you that are still around feel better about your own lives when you get to digest the optimistic failure that I’m playing out on this stupid earth.

But yeah, did you miss me? Ah you missed me. You can’t stay mad at me. I’d say look at my cute face but..anonymity and all..


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