and just like that.

Upbeat mood, sharing for the first time in months. Just recorded a song I was about to share hit me. well..not me.

Aslan, my cat. A mix of ginger stripes on her pretty much blonde fur just got hit by a car as I was writing my last post. What are the fucking chances. I mean, she was 13 years old, roughly. Had her since I was around 10 years old.

I nagged at my mum until she let me, this local farm had kittens to give away advertised. So we went on this trek across my home town (about an hour walk) to this farm, there were about 6 kittens all there, quite nice and friendly. Then in the corner of this little almost hutch-type area for them, in a little ball of fur standing on end was this little kitten. Spitting and hissing, furious little spitfuck. You know I chose it. I’d have full conversations with this cat and genuinely think she understood me on some level.

She’s my childhood pet, we had a dog but she wasn’t mine. I named her Aslan when I was 10, but i still kinda like the immature 10 year old Callum. He was probably smarter than me too.

But I used to use this place as an outlet, so there it is. I’m absolutely gutted that she’s dead. I told my Dad I didn’t want to see her, he told me enough when he said she was definitely dead on impact of the car. Closed my door and just cried. Just fucking cried about an animal that probably didn’t understand who I was past the guy that gave her all of the attention whenever he could, gave her milk, occasionally fed her and has sporadically been around her all of her life.

There are plenty of puns that even come to me when I’m upset but I can’t even get there considering it just happened.

The fragility of life is such a horrible thing to get my head around.



edit: The lad that hit Aslan was on a motorbike, came and apologised for what had happened. Can’t say fairer than that. Some people can be decent/brave. Good to see I guess.

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