A pretty late update

You know, it has been far too long since I gave an insightful update into the goings on in my life. In part it’s down to my laptop being dead and now brought back to life thanks to a favour called in from a friend of my mums. But it isn’t just down to that, I’ve just been a bit..well, flat I suppose in the last month or two. It comes from a varying range of reasons that I haven’t sat down and given much thought about until now. So here goes with a little out loud rambling.

I’m still unemployed, that’s painful in multiple ways. I feel like a huge disappointment and burden on my family since quitting university, even though I still consider it to be the right decision for me. A big one is money: I get absolute peanuts in terms of unemployment benefits and the unemployment lot that deal with me are fucking useless in terms of inspiration or motivation; I’d go as far as saying there’s zero interest in anything but ticking boxes on their side of their jobs. The majority of my money right now goes back into my family who struggle money-wise right now quite a lot. I’m still in hellish debt of my overdraft for the time being.

It’s not through lack of trying or anything otherwise. I spoke to my dad about it recently and I was telling him about what I was applying for and that it was a lot of effort to put into cover letters or tailoring my CV to their needs or particular shitty jobs that I had to pretend I actually wanted. He told me just to sack all of that off, essentially and try to get something in IT because he knows that I’ll enjoy that. He’s right, but short term that still hurts me until I catch a break from..well, anyone.

I’ve just this Monday sent off a hell of a good account of myself in forms of a job application for two posts at the local school that my mum works at. They’re hiring for two posts: ICT curriculum support technician and ICT support technician. One would be more being around kids and practically being a teaching assistant in IT classes. The other is just all of the easy background fixing shit and either would be a total walk in the park. I only found out about this thanks to my mum and she put a sneaky word in to her friends that work in that department.

To my knowledge there’s only one guy that has applied for either post so far, and he’s younger than me so they think he might not be mature enough. Considering you’re working around school kids constantly, it’s kind of a big deal. I mean, I may be 5″5 but a little facial hair and my northern tones definitely set me apart. Give me one interview and they’ll see that for sure. I’m confident I can get a job if i’m given a chance. These are words I seem to keep repeating to myself. Just give me a chance, someone. Fucking hell, I’m due a little break. I’m optimistic in a reserved way about this opportunity. Fingers crossed that I get a chance for either job. The closing date is the coming Monday (27/1), I’ll be sure to update.

I guess I don’t want to bore people too much in terms of what’s going on with me, this has already turned into a long read I think for most. Sorry about that!

I’ll come back to this soon and give you a part two, might take a part three to really feel like I’ve caught up with everything. We’ll see. See you soon.

Thanks for hanging around, you’re all awesome.

6 thoughts on “A pretty late update

  1. So glad to see you’re back! Yes, being unemployed must be difficult but it’s not without trying. Until you get a job, consider every day as a useful attempt to. And that’s something to be proud of. xo

    • Thanks! It’s really not a great feeling to still not have found something. I feel a total disappointment. But I want something that’s actually going to give me a chance at progression and realistically possibility for other jobs in the future too. It’s a pain.

      • It is a pain, but you know what? You can totally do it! Look at how much you try. And at least you know, you don’t want to wake up every day hating your job. It’s good that you’re truly looking and won’t do just anything

      • Thanks Lara, you’re forever boosting my confidence 🙂 Has been missed! Oh and thankyou for supporting the searching for something that I’ll actually genuinely enjoy. It’s kind of a huge deal for me, much more than the money I’d earn frankly!

  2. I hate job hunting, and I hate job interviews even more. I hate my job, but I am so put off looking around because I know what a ball ache it is. I hope you find something soon. Being a Northerner certainly a benefit :0)

    • I agree with job hunting, total ball ache. But job interviews are fine with me, even if I can get a bit nervy. I generally feel pretty confident about it. Thanks, trust me I really hope I do too!
      and yeah, being a Northerner (especially now that I’m down south) has to be a benefit right?!

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