2014, come at me

Hello strangers.

I’m really sorry to have vanished, my laptop decided that it would pick the worst time (the holiday period) to break while I was scraping the barrel of my bank account for gifts, nothing was spare to fix this. Luckily in the new year my mum knew somebody through work that could fix it, he did for totally free. So huge props to him, total life saver.

So now I can get back into the flow of things, though I feel totally out of the loop and a little dry on inspiration with blogging. But I’ve returned to see my little space of the internet has over 100 of you awesome guys following and I’ve even had kind words letting me know that I was missed over this time.

So thanks everyone, even if you were just silently dropping by and hoping for new content. It’s really appreciated and it inspires me to keep sharing myself here.

So where can I begin? Honestly i’ve drawn to a bit of a standstill. I’ve been uninspired in every sense the last few months. Whether that’s guitar playing, song writing, blogging, any luck with jobs, any real life progress at all. Just a real pause moment on my life. I’m digging deep to get myself out of this rut, but that’s easier said than done I guess.

A little break will come. In the meantime, it’s great to be back and I hope people still drop by, I love this community that I’m so happy to be a part of.

I hope your 2014 started on more positives than mine. There’s plenty of time left for those that haven’t really started yet, just like mine.

11 thoughts on “2014, come at me

  1. Dude! I wondered where you had got to. No sooner I started following you and you disappeared. Glad to see you are okay and back. I’m sure you will get your mojo back once you get back into writing again. As always, look forward to what you’ve got to say.

    • Hah i’m really sorry, i’m a huge disappointment off the bat. My laptop was dead as a doornail and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. Happy to be back, cheers for hanging around 🙂 Hope I don’t disappoint too much!

    • My poor “gaming” computer has been dead for a long time, this poor laptop is hanging in there for now!
      Thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting, means a lot to know I’ve been missed. I guess I underestimated how awesome this little community can be!

    • Ah great to hear from you, thanks for the message you dropped as well. I missed you too! I’m quite alright over here, hope you are too. I’ve missed being able to catch up with your goings on as much as I have sharing my nothing-ness!

  2. I wondered where you went! haha glad you’re back though (:
    I feel you, I’m at a bit of a stand still too right now. Just no motivation to write and all this major communication with people even though I’ve got a lot going on, it’s just hard to get on the computer and write haha hope you’re doing well though despite all that and at least enjoying what you are doing (:

    • Thanks! It’s really nice to know I’ve been missed 🙂
      I’ll get back into the flow of things soon enough I’m sure, might just take a little while!
      I’m doing fine and I’ll hopefully be moving on to bigger and better things soon enough.
      Hope you’re doing great, I look forward to catching up reading your blog too 🙂 Don’t be a stranger!

      • You have been! It is kind of hard to get back into the flow of blogging I feel if you don’t keep up with it a lot! And I hope you do move on to bigger and better things! That’s always amazing! Hope the job interview went well (:
        I’m hanging in there as of late! And don’t be a stranger either, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! haha

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