Facial hair and age expectance

I suck and haven’t been writing lately. I don’t know. There’s no “I’ve been super busy” excuse that would be totally cool. I’ve just not really been feeling it. Hence I’ve been a little sporadic.

Anyway, I’d say for the last month, but probably more: I’ve not shaved. Until last night at least. I was rocking a pretty awful beard frankly, but I’d never actually grown my facial hair untamed for longer than say..a fortnight without caving.

Here’s the verdict: I shouldn’t grow facial hair past a little stubble. It doesn’t really suit me, and it’s patchy as FUCK. No lie. It was pretty awful. I had a good laugh shaving in stages though. I’m a 22 year old child. I feel like Jack (Robin Williams is awesome).

I was also slightly encouraged by a particular biased American girl who prefers some “scruff”. Ever so slightly. Maybe. Completely.

So now I’m clean shaven and feel like I’ve lost about 10+ years of age in looks. I already regret not just trimming haha. It’ll take at least a week or so to grow back any notable or acceptable stubble.

Manly problems.


6 thoughts on “Facial hair and age expectance

  1. My boyfriend has been growing a beard. When he’s clean shaven, he looks ten years younger, but I don’t really care one way or another. It’s cold. If I could grow a beard, I would.

    Something interesting about this: He’s said he feels like people respect him more (at work) when he has some facial hair. Maybe his co-workers equate age with maturity and assume he’s mature if he looks older.

    • So it doesn’t bother you at all either way? I mean, girls say that quite often, when really they have a preference but don’t want to say.

      I’m curious about that too – the perception side of it. So far I haven’t noticed that in many situations, but I expect to be treated differently based on my looks. Everyone prejudges based on appearance, so facial hair or no definitely applies!
      I don’t really dig being clean shaven all that much, but I’m curious now you’ve pointed it out, I’ll see if I pick up on any changes in people.
      Thanks for dropping by again! 🙂

      • No, I don’t really care either way. I think he looks better clean-shaven, but he also looks super cute with facial hair. A little scruff never hurt anyone. It’s beards I’m not a fan of.

        But I love the man, what can I say. He facial hair can’t change that (but I will probably ask him to trim it if it gets too long for my liking…)

      • Haha, I guess you’re right. If you love someone, the lesser little things really aren’t a problem eh?
        He’s a lucky lad. I think a little scruff is a good look for most, beards you can rarely pull off, same for being clean shaven actually!

  2. I feel you! I havent been writing much either!
    But yes, scruff is good! hahaha dont know what about it makes it that way, but it is a fact! hahaha kidding, maybe not to some girls, but to me it pretty much always looks good!

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