I often spend time pondering how others perceive me. The main reason for this today is that I bought, tobacco as usual at the local store that’s closest to me. I didn’t make any sort of effort, and it’s pretty cold. So I was just in a t shirt, a shirt layered on top and a hoodie, skinnie jeans and my vans. Standard lazy clothing.

I came to the realisation that since moving back home this summer and turning 22, I’ve not once been asked for ID when I buy tobacco. This is totally alien to me, I mean..I look so young, generally that’s one thing people will note about me. Being 5″5 adds to this for sure haha.

So is it because i’m in the south of England now and I have a low, northern accent? Is it that I have a vague attempt at facial hair? Is it that I’m more mature than I realise? Is it that I don’t look as young as I think?! It may be a collection of these things, or that they just don’t care to ID people without good reason around here.

I have no idea, but it makes me feel old. I don’t know, but I don’t think I like it! I mean, someone can mistake a younger girl as older because of makeup and how she dresses pretty easily. But as a guy, it’s harder to fake age? I don’t think I accidentally look older than I should. I’m only 22! I was even told I look 24 today, not sure how I feel about that.

Is everyone as curious as I am about how they’re perceived day-to-day? My brain works in mysterious and sometimes amusing ways.

4 thoughts on “Perception

  1. I was told I look 22 the other day and it made me the happiest woman on the plaaaanet. Almost proposed to the gentleman haha. Everyone is always thinking about their perception-anyone who owns a mirror that is. Sometimes I wonder how one day I’ll look in the mirror and think I’m a super model and the next day I’m like WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FACE?! haha

    • Oh I was gutted to be told I look 24, I generally get comments about not looking my age! It must be the facial hair man, it must be. I’m glad that I’m not just this mental guy that over thinks all of this stuff haha. I was just thinking out loud.
      I’m exactly the same, sometimes I want everyone to see how great I look. Most days I just want to put a bag over my head though haha

  2. I used get get asked for ID well in to my twenties. I used to hate it as all my friends would grab my cheeks and talk in baby voices to me. I have t been asked in ages. I kinda miss it.

    • Ah man I just shaved today for the first time in maybe as long as a month?! It was the longest I went without shaving, I feel much better clean shaven but fuck..I’ve reverted back to my 14 year old looking self. I’ve lost at least 10 years in one shave. I’ll probably get asked for ID later buying tobacco..

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