How I cheer myself up

I slept in today, not feeling too hot I guess. Couldn’t sleep at all, which is a recurring trend for me. I was feeling a bit down, so I picked up my guitar and sang. Granted the traffic outside is annoying at this sort of time from outside and my voice is a bit shaky today, but I thought why not share. Hopefully it’ll brighten up a few more people’s day, I can be hopeful!

I love this song, and figured sharing it would cheer up a special someone too. I hope you’re all having a good Monday. I hope this helps too, it cheered me up a little on a desire-less Monday.

2 thoughts on “How I cheer myself up

  1. It’s funny how “depressing” music can cheer you up. Of course, this is completely an opinion. Like writing when you are feeling down in the dumps, one is able to pump something so beautiful out. So, whenever I feel like rubbish, throwing on some Alexi Murdoch or Nick Drake is like a slap in the face, caffeine to a rough morning, and… well… a cold shower.

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