Gone a bit quiet

I realised I haven’t been blogging anywhere near as much as I normally would. Which is weird. Very uncharacteristic of me. What I would say is, that kinda doesn’t worry me? It means I clearly have much less to vent about, less bad going on that I feel the need to lament about. That has to be a good thing.

I’m just taking my baby steps along the way, heavily procrastinating (don’t we all?) and finding a much happier place. With the help of a few people. I’m making huge steps to working out what I want for my future, and it’s comforting. Probably the first time in my life I’ve looked forward with any form of optimism to my future. Rather than the usual looking back with regret. It’s a difficult trait to change, I’m getting there.

Things have changed for me

and that’s okay,

I feel the same,

I’m on my way


7 thoughts on “Gone a bit quiet

  1. Yayy! I missed you! School and work have been piling up so it’s hard to stay active on here. I try my absolute hardest. I can’t wait for the day my managers see me blogging at work haha

    • I’m sorry for kinda vanishing! I guess things going pretty well for once dragged me away from blogging! I’m hoping you’re coping with the workload, I’m still unbelievably bored but still working on finding that great job that someone’s about to offer me!
      Hey, if your manager notices you blogging maybe he’ll dig the positivity and be cool with it!

      • Hahah! OMG I would never let my work know about this blog. I changed my picture the other day because I noticed people were finding my blog off of google and yahoo search engines haha It’s a little too bold for work-

        My boss might have a heart attack haha

      • I was hoping to be able to change my site’s url but I don’t think I can. For fairly similar reasons too haha. Mainly because of my site’s banner, but ugh. Don’t think I can?! Sucks.

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