The past

The past is often full of wonderful memories, fun to reflect on. Plenty of embarrassing stories to share about the past. Lots of people have a past that can define them, it’s easy to give in when something big and painful, even traumatic happens to you at a young age.

My experience is a tiny drop in the ocean compared to a lot. As much as I essentially lost my teenage years to illness, I would never have turned into the man that I am today. I use man as a loose term, I know I’m still growing as a person. Otherwise I’d be wasting my time.

I have a lot of respect for people that have the courage to bear the burden that has been forced upon them by a troubled upbringing. For whatever reason it may be. I can’t even pretend that I understand or that I can even relate to what these people go through. It fills me with pride when someone takes something that could define them and tries to take the steps to never let it define them.

It’s hard, and the road is long. But you can recover from even the greatest set backs with the right people around you and the will to do it for yourself.

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