My monday – the interview that never was

So I slept maybe two hours max. I dragged myself out of the warm bunker that bed feels like on days like this at like 12 o clock or so. Worked out the journey (My dad was driving me, neither of us have been to Brentwood before) for the office that my job interview was at.

Rock up there 10 minutes early, super nervous and anxious to get it done and just go smash it. In an insanely coffee fueled great mood. I wait in the lobby after the receptionist says nobody is in their office. I wait for maybe 20 minutes and feel forgotten about so get the receptionist to see what’s going on. I figured it was around lunch time, not too rare a deal.

I then find out that I should have been contacted and that my interview has to be rescheduled for another date due to staff shortage because of illness. Great. So my day hasn’t really started, I spent towards two hours travelling for nada. My brother has a week off work, so privacy to play guitar, sing or record are fairly out of the window. Oh yay living at home!

But it’s not all bad at all, what an unusual phrase for me to type eh?

Strangely I’ve crossed paths through okcupid with an American girl that’s essentially just my type on a plate. Which is awesome, and obviously sucks too. A lot. I’ve had a lot of fun chatting to her, it’s awesome to learn more about American culture and just little things. You still spell colour wrong ‘murica. That bugs me, fuck!

It’s nice to just meet someone that is effortless to talk to, is interested in you and the whole experience doesn’t feel like an effort. We spent hours and hours talking, sharing embarrassing stories, complimenting each other, learning about each other’s lives and cultures. It was just really nice. If you’re reading this Lara, I think we have competition for my favourite American. I’m sorry!

Obviously it’s a total pen pal scenario, but I like that a lot. In a very pathetic way it’s nice to feel wanted? I really do feel so lonely lately, I don’t keep constant contact with anyone at all.

You know, all in all I’m in a better place. All things considered. I’m still in a good mood regardless of my non-event Thursday. I got to share my picture with a beautiful girl that I’ll very likely never meet. She thinks I’m handsome.

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

3 thoughts on “My monday – the interview that never was

  1. Haha! First of all, I honestly thought you were spelling words wrong until I realized you were from England! Favorite, realize, etc. I like the way you spell them better-but unfortunately in school, I’d get my grade marked down for the incorrect spelling. Or maybe not? Maybe I can pass off as a Brit in my online class? Things to think about!

    And that’s totally fine with me. I don’t mind being your second favorite American as long as I’m in the top somewhere 🙂

    That stinks that of course you end up clicking with someone from another country. I wouldn’t even dare look overseas because I feel like it would just depress me if I matched with someone.

    At least your interview is still on though! Love your positive attitude today. Keep it up ❤

    • Yeah I hate that I still get American English spellcheck telling me that I mis-spell favourite and otherwise. I have to double take! That’s a curious one, to be honest I can’t knock you guys like that. It’s just bizarre, its called English after all you know!

      Hah don’t worry you’re definitely still up there, promise!

      It really sucks, but at the same time it’s really nice? I actually didn’t go looking, she happened to stumble across me. I found it kinda cool, but then it’s really bizarre to find my type that’s across the ocean heh. Very weird.

      Yeah I’ll be able to reschedule, so fingers crossed for that. New haircut, rocking stubble and a suit today. It’s hard to be in a bad mood. I hope you’re doing great 🙂

      • I am very well, thank you! I’m just busy as hell this week trying to get my shit together before I go to Pennsylvania on Friday. Vacations always stress me out the week of!

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