An ex and persistence

So after feeling fairly obliged to meet my ex as I sort of inherited all of her friends. (They’re all amazing and the best and I’ve stolen them all for myself!) while visiting friends from university I had a coffee with her, was totally civil. Absolutely fine. All good, conscience clear, etc.

However. No matter how short I am with this girl, or blunt, or evasive, she persists to message me. After I make an excuse that I’m busy even when I’m not, or just give a short answer to something she asks me about my cats, or about a haircut I mentioned while we had coffee, or something equally out of the blue.

I don’t quite get how she does with the whole moving on. As far as I know every ex of hers excluding me (kinda? okay, probably not on reflection) was a total dick. It seems to take that for her to move on and she held onto her previous ex for so long even when we were together, which is one of the main reasons I broke up with her originally.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the girl. She just bugs the shit out of me. Like, ugh. Just. Stop. She talks to me like we never broke up sometimes and even when I was there she replied to me with a “Make me” line that used to be really flirty and kinda cute to me. Those days have long passed and it was just creepy and out of place. I don’t know man, I don’t want to be horrible or hurt her feelings. She’s just very intense and a bit much. I really don’t need this at the minute. Save me.

The only person I want to speak to right now isn’t really here right now.

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