People are dicks

I woke up today and had an email notification for wordpress. Cool, someone’s read an article of mine and found it interesting, or decided to follow for whatever reason. Nope. Just some wanker liking two of my pages because I tagged Kurt Cobain. Now I know a lot of my page likes are just that, a way to get views for their personal blog. Often not even reading or contributing to mine. It’s fine, people do it, all good, have fun.

What actually upset me this morning is that he liked the post where I most recently talk about how rough my life essentially is right now. It just feels heartless. Actually, it shows how people really often don’t stop and think about the other human being in another part of the world that they affect, for better or worse.

I don’t even think I can remove the like or anything like that? I’m still new to this. The guy is a selfish motherfucker. What a good start to my day.

5 thoughts on “People are dicks

  1. Don’t even worry about those people. They’re everywhere. I get the same people liking my stuff all the time and I know they’re not following me-they just want me to follow them. It’s marketing. It’s people that want to do this for a living. Not like us-who are just some strangers from all over the world, pouring our hearts out onto this little platform journal. No worries, friend 🙂 hugs from the states xoxo

    • Man, I need a lot of hugs lately. Much appreciated. I need to try to stop being so negative, but that’s not my ideal start to a day! You’re right though, it’s just people marketing. It sucks but I’ll live. Hope you’re good! x

      • Everyone has a time in their life when they need a hug. Or fifty. But don’t worry. You’ll be better. I’ll let you groan and moan for another week MAX but then I’m going to give you an internet slap and force you back on track. So enjoy these moments of internal torture because you’re not going to feel them for long!

      • 🙂 cheers. Hey, tough love works with me most of the time. It’ll be appreciated when you go hard bitch mode on me I promise. I’ll find a way to pick myself up, one way or another.

  2. That sucks, I have had many blogs and it does happen a lot ;( but if you get maybe one or two good friends, which has happened to me people I didn’t even know it was totally worth it!

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