My sleepless night, sponsored by Hoodie Allen

Sleep, please. I actually miss you a bit. Fancy helping me out?

I love finding a song that just fits my mood or thoughts of a particular time. It’s a big reason that music is such a huge part of my life. It’s a big reason it should be the part of everyone’s life. The raw emotions that music and words can bring out of anyone, how we can draw our own personal meanings from something. It’s really incredible and is undervalued by so many of the masses that will listen to whatever is served up to them in the charts. Woah, I got a bit ranty there didn’t I? My bad. Where was I? Fuck, I wasn’t going anywhere with this. I’m just rambling.

All I want to do,

Is sit and wait for you


Are you movin’ ahead?

Am I fallin’ behind?

Fuck it, probably either way it’s all in my mind

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