I really need to find ways of dealing with anxiety, I don’t know when this first started. It just comes in uncontrollable waves and takes over. It’s an awful feeling that I wish that I could get some sort of handle on. It totally wrecks my confidence, I second guess so many things, I can find a negative in the best thing just because of my own insecurities. I need to stop it, I know that I’m doing it, but it just seems so uncontrollable.

I feel like it’s another part of me that I just need to learn to live with, but lately I feel like I’m tired of having barriers. I’m almost stopping myself from being the best version of myself. I just need to realise when I’m having these anxiety / panic attacks and just find a thought that I can go to and just take a break from the negative or worrying thoughts.

It just baffles me sometimes, I’ll leave the house and 5 steps down the road I’ll panic that I’ve forgotten my house keys. Really simple example and sounds stupid, but I do it every time. I’ll have a really standard day planned and one tiny detail of it that I don’t feel in control of just gets in my head. I feel mental writing this, but it’s such a horrible feeling that I have no control over. I’m a work in progress.

7 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. We’re always a work in progress! Half the battle is realizing where you’re hindering yourself. This isn’t a part of you that you should learn to deal with. Rather, it’s a part of you that you should learn to overcome. Try different methods of relaxation. I’m an overly anxious person but I find deep breathing works for me. Even if I can relax or get to a happy place, breathing helps me focus my attention on something else. You can, you can, you can. You’re wonderful. Don’t forget that!

    • I think you’re right, I think stopping and looking at my phone background helps a lot. I forget it a lot when I get like this though.
      My happy place is Regent’s park in London. I dropped by there with spare time between coaches travelling when I was alone and enjoyed my brief moment relaxed with no pressures. It was just perfect.
      I can, you’re right 🙂 I’m glad I bumped into you through blogging y’know. You’re full of positive energy and never fail to make me feel good about myself. I hope that I pass it on occasionally!

  2. i understand how you feel exactly being a long sufferer of anxiety i come up against obstacles every single day of my life, and my life has changed dramatically due to it, however their is help out their and for me the main thing is to keep trying put your body in the situations you fear the most and challenge those thoughts, keep your mind occupied. It is massively hard to deal with and im still trying to overcome it myself, i wish i had more useful help for you but i simply dont have it, but i hope to relate to people and find some sort of common ground as to help one another feel less alienated by it all, and see that their is a hope reading success stories will help you out too, as well as talking to people in similar problems, be brave and keep smiling things can only get better, and i personally believe that everything happens for a reason so your time will come. Best of luck.

    • Hi Jemma, thanks for dropping by and following, more importantly: commenting, it’s great to chat to people that share problems or experiences, or just want to be supportive.
      I would say I’ve only recently been bad with anxiety and wouldn’t class myself as bad as many other people with it. I can hugely sympathise thanks to my own experiences, it’s pretty horrible to deal with.
      I think if you perceive a situation as something that you fear, you’re more likely to approach it with apprehension. Positive and calming thoughts generally help me, though it can be easier said than done sometimes.

      • i totally agree i have tried the turning off, of the thoughts an relaxing but one thing i have found that has helped me the most is tackling the fear dead on and above all not letting the anxiety win, appreciating its their to help me but above all im in control of my own body and mind. I need to make my mind understand that im not scared and like most anxiety sufferers i used to be fine, and got worse over time. I need to focus like most others that i used to do these things before now and i can do them again. Nothing can stop me, stay brave and thankyou so much for replying means allot when people take the time to do so.

      • You can do anything, I believe in you. I hope your approach keeps helping you move forward and that anxiety isn’t a barrier for you.
        I’ll always share my time with someone friendly enough to drop by and share a part of themselves with me. So thankyou for that, I appreciate it just as much as you seem to! Don’t be a stranger, it’s great to meet you.

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