Online Dating thoughts

So lately I’ve been getting a little bit disheartened and lacking motivation with this. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really nice girls that I’ve got along with just fine, but I guess I’m not okay with fine. I haven’t really met someone yet that I would actually be excited to meet, if that makes sense. It did in my head. Probably just sounds like I’m being super picky and dumb.

I mean, I’m 21. I’m not going to let it bother me or try to force something for the sake of it. Focusing on myself and my own happiness is still pretty much number one focus for me.

Anyway yeah, I’ve met a lot of really lovely American girls through this site, I’ve realised that I love meeting new people and finding out about even little things they do that are different, just how someone on the other side of the world lives their life. When it comes to girls that live vaguely close to me (London included), because of where I live, nobody is immediately close to me and it puts me off meeting someone I guess.

I’m considering meeting up with a couple of girls, one is really into me, though she has a young kid which I’m still not sure what I think about. I don’t really want to put name tags to these girls, I guess I’ll avoid doing that, as much as I could think of a few witty nicknames for some of them!

I’ve spoken to another girl quite a lot, we seem to get along fine. The problem is that you just don’t know if there’s any chemistry without meeting someone, and she seems really off about meeting up. Which sucks, but her loss I guess. Not worth my effort I figure.

A couple days ago when I was pretty much losing all interest in this endeavour I got a message from this absolute stunner, to put it bluntly. We have tons in common, she loves that I play guitar, she seems really into me and pretty forward about it. It caught me off guard but I like it. The idea of my first date as a result of the whole online dating experience still feels a little daunting. If i’m travelling into London to meet someone for the day, I think I just want to be sure I won’t have a nightmare of a time and be sure I have some sort of connection before hand.

Rather than just instant messaging and small talking she just wants to Skype. I won’t hold my breath, but maybe I won’t give up on this online dating lark just yet. A girl that knows what she wants, why do I feel like that’s a rare characteristic of women that have been in my life?

4 thoughts on “Online Dating thoughts

  1. Online dating is tricky. But I do think that if you feel a chemistry online, it’s best to meet and not prolong it simply because people are different online versus how they are in real life.

    A friend of mine gave me some really good advice about dating. She said: “You are too serious about dating. Don’t go there with thoughts or notions that this is going to be the one, or even one that you could date seriously. Go out there, enjoy the date for what it is and think about making a friend, a connection, an acquaintance. From there you can see if things progress romantically. If they don’t, that’s okay too.”

    • I think that’s the best approach and I’ve been realising that lately. Otherwise I’ll just be putting pressure on myself and trying too hard, you’re totally right. I’m kinda viewing it as meeting new people right now and then if anything progresses that’s great, but I’m not expecting it to.
      After I made this post I actually got a message from someone and we click. I’ll likely meet up with her this week, I get real nervous haha 🙂

      • I think you are taking a good approach! That’s good…

        And aaawww…if you will allow me to say this: You are totally cute….

        I stand by what I said before: I need to find the gay version of you for myself! LOL

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