I’m awful at being single

I’ve realised lately, I’m good at being in a relationship. Granted I’ve had really bad experiences lately in relationships, but I still miss being that close and intimate with someone more than anything else. Which is half the reason I’m so bad at being single, I think at least.

I keep second guessing myself. Do I like this girl? Why is this girl so into me? What does she actually think of me? How does she find me attractive? Am I attracted to her, or is it the intimacy that she offers?

When I put the last question like that I cringed, but I left it there. That’s kinda the biggest worry for me, I’m not the kind of person to toy with someone, but I genuinely don’t know right now if I’m at a weird point of loneliness where I’m just craving intimacy and it changes the way I think about such things.

Probably just me overthinking, I have a habit of putting a lot of thought into things that I blog about. This is definitely no exception. I’m kinda just on the fence about what or who I want right now. Things are complicated, that’s new for everyone right? heh.

The girls I dream of being with are never attainable. Complications complications complications.

Anyway, yeah. I suck at being single. I guess I need to work myself out a little.

9 thoughts on “I’m awful at being single

  1. Ahh, yes, my friend. Everyone feels the same way as you. Well, most everyone. One way or another, everyone longs to be a part of a unit-to be whole. Just remember, as long as you want it and you go for it, you can achieve it. Love takes time. Sometimes, lots of time. You’ll get there. Don’t worry, as you already know-I suck at being single too. Haha

  2. I wish I could find the gay version of you! But once again, Lara is right! It does take time. And you are still young (I’m sure you are sick of hearing that). Use this time as a single person to work on the single you. But don’t think that love won’t happen, you will find the girl that you dream about and she WILL be attainable.

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