I love my friends

I already posted a bit of a ramble about how much I’m the worst when I feel down, I shut myself away from people. Even the guys that love me and just want to support me along the way.

I’ve spent about the last three hours on the phone to two of those friends, they both get it. They know how useless I can be, I know I need to change it too. I need to get out of this rut that I keep getting into when I feel depressed. I’m gonna use this as a note to kick my arse into gear every time I haven’t got my phone with me, or I feel down and don’t pick up the phone to get picked back up by these guys.

I’m not physically near any of them right now, can’t afford to travel to see them either for at least a month. Which sucks, but they’re still right here. I picked up the phone and stopped being so useless and I just feel ten times better about today. I need these guys in my life so much more than anything else right now, I need to remember it.

When I see them next isn’t actually known, It’ll be sooner rather than later if i can help it. They’re the single only part of my last three years at university that I need to keep in my life. Even though I’ve moved on from the rest of it, these guys are with me for life, and to be completely honest: I couldn’t be any happier to have such an amazing bunch that I’d do anything for, I care so much about them all.

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